Hi! My name is Sanjay Shelat, I’m a BASI snowboard instructor in training! Read about my training experiences here, get ideas about better ways to prepare to shred the slopes, or just come and froth about the Hoby!

Currently in Training to be a snowboard instructor

I am currently training with the he British Association of Snowsport Instructors (BASI) in order to become a qualified instructor. So for now I am offering free lessons to anyone who wants them in order to hone my skills as a teacher. Interested? Contact me below!


I’m passionate about snowboarding, and I want to share that by not only teaching solid snowboarding skills, but by imparting a love and enthusiasm for the sport in anyone that I meet / help. If you’re interested in leaning to snowboard, or just want to enthuse, give me a shout!

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