BASI Level 1 snowboard instructors practical test exam advice

So for those of you interested, the test or assessment part of the BASI Level 1 snowboard instructors course is split into two halves, the teaching exam and the practical exam. Here I am talking about the practical exam only. Here is the teaching exam.

It is done on the last day

The exam / assessment is done on the last day so that you have the maximum time to prepare for it.

What they are looking for

They need to see that you are performing the manouvours to a suitable standard 80% or more of the time. This means that if you get nervous an tank a run, take a hit or fall flat on your face, this will not black ball you out of passing. They are looking for an 80% consistency, get that and you will pass.

Top tips

  • Nothing compares with time on the slopes. If you are nervous about anything, stay after a session during the week, work on it, and nail it.
  • Do not fall into the mistake of doing a lot of what you are good at because, well, it feels good! Ride the stuff you are bad at. For me this meant ridding switch a lot!!! Think about this.
  • Relax. This is hard when you are being watched. The way they do it, you get to do multiple runs, so after the first few I started to forget that I was being watched, and that really helped me get into my groove.
  • Ignore everyone else. This is the time to forget your class mates, and just chill and enjoy the ride!

Best of luck! If you need any more tips, help or advice, feel free to contact me.

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