BASI Level 1 snowboard instructors teaching test exam

So for those of you interested, the test or assessment part of the BASI Level 1 snowboard instructors course is split into two halves, the teaching exam and the practical exam. Here I am talking about the teaching exam only.

You get to choose what you are teaching

You get to choose. That’s right! So you don’t have to choose to teach the part that completely intimidates you, but you do have to teach something that pushes you in some way. So whether that is a basic sideways slip, or the much more complicated “basic turn”, you can decide. Nice, right?

You teach your peer group

You will be asked to teach this to your peer group. This means that you have an open and friendly audience that actually will be very helpful to you when you teach your lesson.

Top Tips:

  • Choose a teaching section you are excited about teaching. Being enthused about the teaching is going to carry you over any mistakes that you may make, so pick something you can really get behind!
  • Practice your teaching like a speech from a play! No harm in even writing it down and “scripting” it if you like! This will really help you condense it down to the main points.
  • Make a bullet point version of your lesson. Again this will help you fix in your mind the main points, AND it will be a great go to if you get nervous and loose your place! Feel free to scribble this list on the back of your hand!
  • Remember to check in with the class for any questions. Really¬†listen to the question and answer what they ask.
  • Control the environment. Think about whether it is better for you to be teaching it with the class facing up the slope or down the slope. Do you need to turn them around half way? Feel free to move the class. Control the space for a better lesson.

Any questions – message me

I nailed this. I could not have done better, and I aced it. If you have any questions I would be happy to help, so ping me on the contact us form.


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